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Functional Health Source Success Stories

Gary Allan

Country Music Star

“Thank you Dr. Farkas”

John Taylor

Bassist, Duran Duran

“Dan… you were terrific. Yours is a talent worth having.”

Marcus Morris

Boston Celtics

“I’m a client of Dr. Farkas”

Simon Lebon

Singer, Duran Duran

“Daniel is highly effective.”

Scott Zink

Golfer, Guinness World Record Holder, 505 Yard Hole in One

“Amazing! Thank you Dr. Daniel Farkas!”

Dr. Farkas Is A Featured Speaker For Whole Foods


I founded Functional Health Source to provide a completely different kind of healthcare; one that focuses on what causes us to be healthy. Our award-winning practice puts clients first. We go beyond the simple management of symptoms and look solely for the root causes of illness.

– Dr. Daniel Farkas



Brandi Farkas is an RN and Natural Healthcare Practitioner. She has worked in natural health care for 20 years and has a huge passion for implementing natural ways to stay healthy that fit into each individual’s lifestyle.

Brandi worked as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Guidance Counselor before she decided to become an RN. After years of working with medicine, she found that in many cases, there was a natural alternative to prescriptions and that people using these alternatives were much happier.

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